Merry McCoy has served her time. Convicted of killing the man who raped her four years earlier, she returns to the family ranch in Hazel, Montana, where she plans to steer clear of the law. But when her cousin Lauri is accused of murdering an old boyfriend, Merry can’t stand by and watch the local good ol' boys railroad her the same way they did Merry.

"Shotgun Moon is easy on the ear and the eye--definitely an author and a character to watch out for."  -- Craig Johnson, bestselling author of the Walt Longmire Mysteries, basis for the hit A&E series Longmire

Writing as Cricket McRae

Home Crafting Mysteries

Come join Sophie Mae as she juggles murder investigations with running Winding Road Bath Products, preserving food, spinning, cheese making and learning about the age old art of making mead. Along the way hunky Barr Ambrose, her best friend Meghan Bly and Meghan's young daughter Erin help her track down the truth and bring killers to justice in the small town of Cadyville, Washington.

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