Cricket McRae
Homecrafting Mysteries

November 2012.

Deadly Row to Hoe

If this investigation doesn’t bear fruit, Sophie Mae Ambrose may find herself put out to pasture . . . for good.

Harvest time in Cadyville, Washington, finds Sophie Mae Ambrose volunteering at the local organic farm—and trying to make a little sprout of her own with Barr, her police detective husband. A dead body found in the farm’s compost heap is enough to cast dark clouds over Sophie Mae’s sunny mood, and when Barr’s boss lets her know they need help identifying the body, a reluctant Sophie Mae presses her network of friends and neighbors into action. When a farmhand is found unconscious with a shovel-shaped bump on his head, Sophie Mae turns up the heat on their crop of suspects. If she and Barr don’t root out the killer, it’s only a matter of time before another victim is squashed.

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#5 in the Home Crafting Mystery Series

Wined and Died

Something is brewing in Cadyville, and it's not only dandelion wine. Sophie Mae is intrigued by a recently discovered cassette recording in which a therapist fearfully contemplates her client's murderous threats. When the same therapist ends up dead, Sophie Mae is lured into another intoxicating investigation, one that explores the age-old art of mead and wine making.

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#4 in the Home Crafting Mystery Series

Something Borrowed, Something Bleu

Love—and smelly cheese—is in the air. Sophie Mae accepted Barr's marriage proposal, but when her mother finds a cryptic suicide note her brother wrote two decades earlier, Sophie Mae makes a trip to her old hometown to help unravel the mystery.

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#3 in the Home Crafting Mystery Series

Spin a Wicked Web

Things are getting serious between Sophie Mae and Detective Barr Ambrose. But Sophie Mae has a new love in her life -- spinning. Pursuing her newfound passion is great fun ... until her fellow co-op member, Ariel, is found strangled to death with Sophie Mae's very first skein of yarn.

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#2 in the Home Crafting Mystery Series

Heaven Preserve Us

A reputation as a small town busybody sleuth. A gum-cracking boss who keeps calling her "babe." Now a suicidal phone stalker? Great.

After solving the messy mystery of her neighborhood handyman’s lye-induced death, thirty-something Sophie Mae Reynolds makes preserves by day and answers phones at a crisis center by night. What better way to keep a low profile? But on her very first night, Sophie Mae gets a call from a man who is threatening suicide . . . and her.

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#1 in the Home Crafting Mystery Series

Lye in Wait

Lye in Wait is a cozy mystery with a fresh face. Not all tea and crumpets, Sophie Mae Reynolds works hard, likes single-malt Scotch, and lives with her best friend, her best friend's ten-year-old daughter, and a snarky old Corgi.

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And now for something different! Shotgun Moon is available September, 2013 in trade paperback and ebook formats

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"Shotgun Moon is easy on the ear and the eye--definitely an author and a character to watch out for." --Craig Johnson, author of the Walt Longmire Series, the basis for A&E's hit television series Longmire
"In a departure from her lighthearted crafting mysteries...McRae pens a darker story filled with repressed anger and sexual tension." --Kirkus
"McRae constructs a satisfying mystery, in the process affectionately portraying rural Montana." --Booklist


Looking for the latest Home Crafting Mystery? Deadly Row to Hoe (#6) released November, 2012 in trade paperback and ebook formats. Available:

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"The pacing and setting are refreshing, and the craft details are well blended. Another strong volume in a series that will appeal to fans of farmer’s market series from Paige Shelton and B. B. Haywood." -- Booklist

"McRae, whose home-crafting mysteries always offer tips in mastering some new area of domestic expertise, spices her juicy mystery with some intriguing veggie lore." -- Kirkus

"...a good story that keeps the reader in suspense until the killer is finally revealed." -- New York Journal of Books

Other praise for the series:

“Likable characters and an easy-to-follow plot that doesn’t require knowledge of previous entries in the series are a plus.”


"This series continues to add depth to its engaging cast of characters, and the home-crafting details remain a delight and an inspiration."


"The writing is sharp and skilled and Sophie Mae is an appealing, smart character."


"Fans of Rosemary Harris and Maggie Sefton will appreciate McRae's crafty series."